Quick Marketing Lesson…

28 Aug

A Professor explained Marketing to his students:

1) You see a gorgeous girl in a party, you go to her & say I’m rich marry me. That’s “Direct Marketing”

2) You attend a party & your friend goes to a girl & pointing at you tells her He is very rich, marry him. That’s “Advertising”

3) A Girl walks up to you & says You rich, can U marry me? “That’s Brand Recognition”

4) You say I’m very rich marry me & she slaps you. “That’s Customer Feedback”

5) You say I’m very rich marry me & she introduces you to her husband. “That’s Demand & Supply Gap”

6) Before you say I’m rich, marry me, your wife arrives. That’s “Restriction from
Entering New Market”


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

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