Day 6 of the 12 Day Challenge

26 Dec

So it’s day 6 of my 12 day challenge.

Oh, did I forget to mention my 12 day challenge?
It’s intentional.
I wanted to get it moving before I spoke on it.

Here’s the results from my tally:
*Posted daily to multiple blogs- CHECK.

*Hit gym religiously-CHECK.
Now here there is a 2 day break for the 24th and 25th of December. Why? Scheduling and injury. But I’ll be doing chest and triceps again tomorrow. For the 2 days off I cut carbs dramatically and ate almost no “snacks.”. As in chips, junk food, etc.

I had one person join my team and sold some tees in my personally created line.

*PaperWork- CHECK.
I’m behind on this about a half day but that is irrelevant as it doesn’t impede my bills etc. I’ve filed all but 1 set of paperwork.

*Car issues- CHECK.
I’m 97% done with this as well.
Car runs but I’m aiming to be ahead not behind.

*What am I forgetting?
Nothing I think.

Overall I’m pleased with what I’ve achieved.
I’ve also read a lot and had some serious quality sleep. And I’ve been on point and studious through these days.

And fyi- it is only 1:32am EST so my day 6 hasn’t really begun…


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