My Boss Yelled At Me

13 Jan

So a week ago my boss at my day job yelled at me.

Was I embarrassed?
No, not at all.
I handled it well.
And I was inspired by it.

Here are the lessons from my 5 minutes of madness.

Always Keep Your composure.
In the midst of a verbal barrage and repeated threats I didn’t raise my voice or reply in kind.
It made me look regal and my attacker look petty and childish.

Also when you get into an argument with someone you enter into a contract of sorts. Both parties are now stuck in a combative energy and are wasting efforts.
Is that what you really want out of your life?
Isn’t your time and energy worth more?

-Don’t have a Boss.
I realized that while I had a huge victory in this incident via my self control-
I would be a bigger winner still if I had no boss.
I love my job and all that comes with it.
Yet there is a huge chunk of me that yearns to be free. To be in charge.
I love the idea of being my own boss.
For a few years my father worked for himself, and I remember the freedom it afforded him.
And honestly, I’d rather lead than follow, work from home, and keep all the loot my efforts reap.

-Build your OWN Empire.
Having an empire of your own will afford you the ability to be in a position where no one can stop you.
A position where no one will be able to demean you.
You will always be at the top.
You will be unstoppable.
I could say more on this topic but who doesn’t want to be the head honcho of a major enterprise?
Sounds pretty sweet right?

-Poor leadership.
This is a trap you don’t want to fall in.
Never give in to being less than is required, less than you can be.
Leadership requires that you make sacrifices and that you always lead by example.
Never lose your cool.
Never forget to be the best.
Only then can you work with the best.


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

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