No business partners for me

8 Jan

So not long ago, I offered a friend a piece of my company.
At first he waffled. Then when I gave him a time ultimatum, he was in.

And then- nothing.

At first I was quite perturbed.
Then I realized it was dead weight being cut off.
Chaff being tossed with the refuse.

Am I disposing of my friend?
By no means.
It’s just a life lesson: Not everyone you know is on the same path.

I am resolute in my decision to fire my boss.
He is not.
And that’s okay.

This has actually increased my appetite for risk- in a healthy way.
As Matt Damon said in Rounders: “You can’t lose what you don’t put in the middle. But you can’t win it either.”



There is no risk without reward.
And as such, having lost some dead weight in my company I can now move faster.
I know my mission is mine alone to run.
Now when I get that first million, maybe I’ll get a secretary and pay someone to wash my car. 😉
Live Brolic!

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