Lesson Learned- Work Harder!

2 Jan

So I tried a new barber today.

The lady I had cutting my hair switched locations.
Actually she closed her shop and rented a chair.

Then that place sent her elsewhere (did I just rhyme?)
Well, back to the facts.
I took a gamble and ended up with a master barber!
He not only took me right away saving time, but I didn’t need to see the guy who usually does my secondary cut!

Now- yes I’m particular- but my image is part of my branding, and it’s just how I like to look.
This guy was motivated, spoke two languages, and cut hair like a PRO.

What are the lessons here:
-the first barber, ran her business bad.
This led to her losing my wife and I as clients as we couldn’t find her easily.

-the first barber didn’t make sure we could reach her.

– the first barber didn’t make herself irreplaceable.
Wow. Ouch. Yes. I couldn’t keep her as she was all over. Lost my loyalty.

-the new barber was ready.
He saw me come in and met me at the door. So he got my money.

-the new barber did what I usually pay 2 people for – in less time! Nuff said.

-the new barber has 2 jobs.
Being a barber is his 2nd job.
Or should I say he does it after the day job?…
Regardless he met my expectations, and exceeded them.

The lesson here- it isn’t that you need to do double shifts.

The lesson here isn’t that more hours mean more money.

The lesson is you play to your strengths.

-the new barber – he cuts from 6pm to 12am-ish.
That means he is willing to corner the market on men who work day jobs!
He does this 6 days a week.

YOU do the math.

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