Khaki challenge, the Hidden Law of Attraction 

24 Oct

So the law of attraction is a big deal these days. It is the secret, they would have you believe, to immense success. If you master the law of attraction you will easily bring forth a river of wealth riches and success. 

If you don’t know the law of attraction Google it. My perception of the law of attraction is that you get what you attract.

Now the hidden secret I am exposing now is called the khaki challenge.  Simply put I am going to only wear khakis for the next 30 days.

Why you ask?

Because in my former career I was a jeams and tee guy.  It was acceptable and tactical given my position. But not anymore. As I seek out a new career and life changing year I am changing not only my resume and address, but my weight and how I dress. 

This, coupled with a new daily routine and extensive reading will manifest the success and financial level I want.

To sum this up I am changing everything I can think of to change into the dominant successful leader I want to be.

So join me on my khaki challenge and wear only khaki pants or better everywhere (except the gym, that would be weird).

Live Brolic!

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