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5 Aug

We are going to keep it short and simple with a one word theme so I get it done and you get a great read.

In business, as in life change is inevitable. The only question is how will you combat this to effect a success and growth rate that will not only be rewarding but sets a precedent for those who come behind you.
Below I will outline 5 simple steps to get you there.

Do more

You won’t get what you want all of the time, fact.
And you won’t close everyone you talk to, also a fact. However when you know that you simply have to adjust and move on the rest is easy. How? Simple. Look at your stats.
If you search out the same people as clients or partners and your results are dismal, move on. Your model of an ideal partner is off.
If you use the same basic spiel every time you pursue a new client and you only close one in ten, you have to adjust your methods.
If you have always used only one sales funnel set up and scheme, and people aren’t converting- time to adjust.
When you look at the numbers you will find your strengths and weaknesses.
When you focus on adjusting your methods and motivations you Will find the team of your dreams. You will close eighty percent of the time. Adjusting isn’t a coping mechanism- it is THE mechanism.
Remember if you are stiff, and you can’t move your rudder then you are on a collision course with failure. Adjust your sales pitch, adjust your plans, adjust your methods; just keep your passion.

-Do more.
Trying to succeed? Hoping you make the team? Need core conversions and thousands more blog hits?
DO MORE. Simple, concise, and easy.
Do more. Increase your efforts. Apply more
hours. What your doing is working, and under that assumption you need only do more. Put in the man hours the sweat. If you blog, blog more. Do a blogging bonanza where you double or triple your educative output for x amount of days. Do you mentor? Then offer the double the time for the same price for the first five followers to sign up. And then repeat this process on twitter, tumblr, facebook, pinterest- it matters only that you do more. If you were a photographer you would do the same. If you played in the NBA and you were missing your shots from the free throw line- you would take more shots. You would do this my putting in more hours at practice. If you did and hour on the courts- now you do three.

Say what you want say what is needed. When you want to close people word count. Your voice is required. People will opt in but if you want them to duplicate and grow and earn a healthy income- call them. Daily. Speak with them, know them, let them know they aren’t a number. Leaders articulate well. OBAMA makes speech after speech and regardless of the numbers people listen. His choice of words rallies people to him and his causes repeatedly. A great coach does this as well. He gets people excited, passionate, he created a controlled frenzy that motivates and creates momentum. This momentum in-turn facilitates action which begets victory. See the picture?

So they came to your webinar. They emailed you after saying it was pretty sweet- but they want more info. PURSUE. This isn’t a moment for discouragement. Its a moment to show that you are a person as well and that you are there, 24/7 at their disposal. Call them the next day. Discuss life and times first. Email them motivational quotes so their mind sees success while it ponders joining you in pursuit of the American Dream. Call again. It takes five to seven interactions statistically to close most people. And that means you PURSUE. Victory is elusive at times but when you chase it you will make it.

Great you signed’em up. You got three people a day for three days straight. Now you can relax right? WRONG.
Time to TEACH. Everything you know, you help them to master. You teach your team everything about the business. And everything that can help them in all of lifes pursuits. Knowledge pooled in to a collective and shared through proper discourse will lead to greater success for you and every member of your team. And even when the numbers are running lower than expected, as log as the team is learning you are winning. A quick close or opt-in is always there in a pinch. But a team member who generates six figures and then duplicates that repeatedly- that is a find. And where do you find that guy or gal? They are already with you. Great leaders and closers are made not born. We are all called to greatness but some people do not heed the call. We are great from inception yet many people on your team will quit. Many won’t try too hard. Not a problem. You keep teaching. You grow, they grow.
And as they grow you refine as well. Whenever you give you get.

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. – Napoleon Hill


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30 Jul

Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid


7 Sep

The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.
– Robert Maynard Hutchins

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