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20 Feb


So I’m at the hospital with the wife waiting for the Specialist- Again.
It seems like no matter what doctor I see, in what borough, I wait an hour.
Now I don’t know about my readers perspective but for me Time IS Money. Literally in this case as to see this one specialist we have to drive in and pay for parking in a private, high fallutin’ lot. And its quite expensive.
What gets my goat is that we were early. And to top it off this happens here every time regardless of how many patients are waiting.
And what’s worse is that some doctors have the audacity to bitch and moan when we are even a little late.
Where’s the empathy?
Where’s the concern?
Hell, where’s the plain old common human decency? Guess it aint too common anymore.

When did we not become customers/clients that have value?
Since when can doctors string us along and leave us in various waiting and screening rooms for myriad hours.
I could be in the gym.
I could be in the movies with my wife.
I could be closing clients or writing editorials.
Bottom line is that in my business if I treated people like the disposable paper my wife is sitting on now I’d be broke.
I’d be bankrupt at denny’s getting plates off tables if I was lucky.

When did we become disposable commodities?

When did we as Americans decide to accept this?
My dentist tried this and I gave them heck.
He knows I don’t have time to waste.
Then again he also knows I’m an avid bodybuilder and I’m double his size and that I work within the security world (not the flashlight type either).
However I think my choice of calm cool displeasure, plainly stated with concise terms made the point all on their own.

Now we all know the name of the game is profits but this is ridiculous.
It is downright disgusting.
That people with legit illnesses, that have appointments to see specialists are made to wait in perpetuity.
If this was an emergency room, hey we all know the odds.
However when I see a specialist he shouldn’t be overbooked.
Heck when I get my teeth cleaned I shouldn’t wait.
The questions begging to be asked are quite simply-
*Do the doctors place such little value on the patients?
*Are office managers and secretaries that obtuse?
*Are they instructed to bang us out like I did when hanging sheetrock?
Shoot, I got paid by the hour not the sheet it isn’t even comparable. My old boss got paid by the sheet. And he hustled. And he made an honest living doing great quality work.

In a world where medicating the populace seems to be the go-to strategy,
have we lost the desire for quality patient care at every encounter?

Well I had time to pen this and I’m still waiting. Expect my parking bill to be over $40 for a 15 minute conversation as this is a follow up to a follow up and we need about 3 questions answered.
But I guess our needs and concerns are trivial inconsequential matters.

-Follow up. Doctor came in about 12 minutes ago and told us he didn’t know we were here. Not that we were here for him, but that we were here in general. Isn’t that sweet?

Bet they get the billing right.

Oh, and we’re still waiting…




2 Jul


No seriously. Your job will not get you to a comfy retirement let alone a great income. Now I’m sure many of you are going elsewhere at this very moment insisting to yourself and anyone who will listen that Tony has gone nuts! However let’s go through the facts.

-You fund Your retirement now.
My father has a defined benefit plan. His job offered a retirement based on pay grade and years in service and such. Nowadays this is being attacked as well. My point though is much scarier. Companies and municipalities alike are require more of your income to fund your retirement. And they chip in at most two percent. Wow. Nice. Maybe you get a match of up to six percent but that’s peanuts. You have to fund your retirement now out of your meager incomes and its not helping you that much once inflation and health costs get factored in. The sad fact is you are losing and you agreed to it. Now some of you are savvy investors. I try but I bet my readers blow me away in this category. The sad point here is you are now your future and if your present requires much cash you are stuck.

-Your Healthcare plans are trash now.
Healthcare is under attack no matter what side of the debate you are on. But its safe to say we will all lose something in this shake up. I have excellent care. What they call a cadillac plan. And no matter what happens in the next year and a half or so I’m sure I will lose something. My co-pays are up and my quality of service is down. Not what I signed on for. And your hmo?

-Maternity leave in America is a joke.
Always has been always will be. You can’t change this unless you leave the country or try one simple solution we will discuss later. We get six to twelve weeks. Wow. Thanks. Some countries give two years at full pay per parent. That’s four years to rear your child’s most important developmental stages. Not getting that here I bet.

-Taxes are killing you every check.
Every hour you work a third or more leaves your pocket. And yeah yeah, I know it funds our cities and armies and trash collection- but I’ve seen nothing but government wanting more. So the job being done costs more but the workers are taxed less and like we spoke about- are paying their own retirement. Yikes! Why pay? Because its jail if not. You lose spo much money before you even see it. My good readers I believe you would settle up with Uncle Sam annually and I further believe that you could use said funds better up font to soothe the loss they add up to. Shame Uncle Sam doesn’t trust like I do….

-Your income tax return is a joke that you fund and draws less interest than you could get elsewhere.
You get a few grand if you are lucky. I’m not. I have debt and no home to claim or kids to claim. So Uncle Sam loves me. But I owe every year about two hundred bucks. Why? Because I put my funds to better use and I refuse not to control my dollars. I claim more upfront and as such my cost of living is up and I have less day to day pressure on my cashflow. Are you getting the same or licking your chops at a few bucks that are yours in the first place being given back on someone else’s schedule?

-80 is the new 60.
Aka retirement ages are rising. If I stay at my job I won’t retire until I’m 67 they say. Economy is slowly dying so I bet 80. And so do many economists. Google it people. Do you want to work that many years? I started at 11. Ouch. Yeah we really want to work just to retire. I want to work for enjoyment and a legacy- you?

Now that we’ve covered the bad would anyone like to know the solution to this fiduciary nightmare?
Start your own business. Live your own life.
Its the only way folks. You dictate your terms or you give up. Starting your own business part time is the solution. It will solve every issue we have covered. Increasing your tax returns frees up income. Writing off daily expenses through your business building increases this factor as well. In fact your quality of life can increase immediately by transferring liabilities and wants to your business. The business can pay for trips and automobile leases et al. Also stop using your credit. Why risk it when a business not only does this for you but can shield you from potentially costly losses. And you can get low cost loans and grants to do this! The government encourages it and subsidizes it. Some 60+ percent of all jobs are created by small business. So you are not only securing your freedom but in theory helping your community and country. Sounds perfect right? Also that maternity/paternity leave- if you were the boss you could be there for every first step, word, and kiss. All the soccer games and recitals. Maybe you don’t want kids- fine. Enjoy working your schedule as you see fit. Retire? Why would you. A mentor of mine is approaching 70 and has twin eight year olds. He makes his hours and does every Thanksgiving in Hawaii. He’s my hero. He does as he pleases. Now he’s no slouch, get it right. But he has raised a self made millionaire and has two little ones who are benefiting and seeing first hand what a dad who is free can do.
What are you looking for. I want choices. Freedom. And a Ferrari. I won’t lie. But working for someone else rarely gets you there. Let’s work together to live our dreams and supply dreams for the less fortunate.
You with me?


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madness- if that happens insurance companies wont have to pay…. so you get less out of the plan you paid for and spend more $$$$$ out of pocket at a higher rate as costs will soar. Read the article its interesting.

1 May

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Damn! Is dude tricking senior citizens and monkeying with tax money? You be the judge.

23 Apr

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