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Infographic: The advantages and Flow of Long Tail SEO

30 Jul

Enjoy the infographic folks.
I’ve been using these a lot as my learning curve has been exponential since seeking information out in this format and it is my belief that many of you will gain the same advantage.
Knowing the advantages and Flow of Long Tail SEO will boost your site and rankings.
Greater conversion rates will also occur we can see based on current statistics when Long Tail SEO is chosen as a strategic tactic.
Essentially LTS or Long Tail SEO is a white hat SEO process that uses less competitive search terms and or keywords. And since people type in queries longer than one word quite often there is a greater chance of your site ranking higher and being found easier- aka Success!
Click through rates also see greater success generally speaking.
Folks this is kind of new to me so I will let this infographic via @DesiredRanking and hittail.com do the walking and the talking.


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