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(Even) The Gig Economy is dying!     

8 Jul

📷 via the Kobi Company

New York Startup Built a Robot Snow Blower and Leaf Raker



This Is What It Feels Like When A Robot Takes Your Job | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

21 Mar

The lesson here folks is quite simply this:

Never Reply on one skill set or stream of income.

If you are a journalist, a lawyer, a driver, or delivery man- you are quickly being phased out.  Doctors, your day is coming as well. Machines and algorithms are filling the void between excessive human cost and 0 cost, at least from the business perspective.

Now not every company feels this way, but look around you folks. Even local branch banking is being phased out.


Regardless of your dream job, or life mission- I urge you all to find at least one more method to bring in some money.

Should you prefer to invest in Forex, so be it.


Unless you will work it like a job.

When you have 2-10 sources of income you will breathe easier, have more money, and you can get that pool house like Uncle Phil to kick Will too.  🙂

Live Brolic!

Almost half of U.S. jobs may one day be automated. For some employees who worked at a free on-demand concierge, that day came last month.

Source: This Is What It Feels Like When A Robot Takes Your Job | Fast Company | Business + Innovation


Link 9 Jul

Unemployment Rate Dropped In Every State That Elected A Republican Gov. In 2010

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