They Don’t Convert!

21 Aug

They Don’t Convert!

So a lot of my readers are in networking marketing it would seem from the feedback I receive. And there are a few repetitious themes. The big ones are leads and conversions. Now we’ve spoke on this before but a mentor spoke some simple wisdom into my ear and I refuse not to share it.

If you’re a network marketer you already know that new leads, new recruits and consistent conversions are the only way your business will grow. Even if you’re a human dynamo without a great and expansive team behind you struggle will be your middle name. I have two or three mentors and all of them build well. I say two or three because one of these fine fellows isn’t a direct mentor but his methodologies and the courses I’ve bought of his qualify him as such. I even has a pseudo mentor. And he was only concerned with numbers. See the issue my friends? My mentors build teams. It isn’t to sign you fast and ‘on to the nex one’ as Jay-z put it. Its sign you up, teach you, train you, drill- repeat. This in turn builds a legacy. Not just money but a team that is long standing, appreciative, humble, and whole. And that is success.

The other guy is bouncing from business to business he always has a quick idea and a new biz for me to join. The problem here is that I can’t depend on him. He says he’s there but when people don’t stick he doesn’t either. He’s had five, yes 5 businesses in two years. And two jobs. Now that is hustle. And its also divide focus. Its also a sign that he goes after dollars so fast he doesn’t care about the people. And he was in Zeek big time. Not putting down Zeek but I have needs, we all do. Leaders need training too. My first mentor is in a business I left. And he still mentors me! This man is great. He’s accomplished, learned, and cool. If not for his product I’d have stayed. He is more than his leads. He is a leader.

Now as for the next issue:
-Everyone wants leads.
And as we have said before your network won’t grow or your business without them. Now you can do Solo ads, youtube, blogs et al. But you have to have a system in place. And you have to offer more than pipe dreams. Most people have been approached by someone who does mlm or network marketing or even just a different insurance carrier. Yet few are approached by leaders and innovators. Are you one or the other? Are you both? If not aim to be. You lead by doing and by caring. That’s it. Innovation; hey you don’t have to invent the wheel as the saying goes- just see the methods and tools for what they are. FASTER. People are creating tools and concepts and scripts at a rate that baffles the mind. The only question left is if you will chase these down and spend the money. Sorry folks but it takes money to make money. Get it done folks.

-Everyone is worried about conversions.
First don’t be. Not everyone converts. That’s a FACT. And the less you care the better you do. Not to say you should be blazay towards your business or life- yet there is a fine line between care and being fanatical. A no isn’t the end of the world. Ask every married guy. We all heard a NO a few times. Every guy in fact has asked a girl out and gotten rejected. No biggie the girls out number us guys. And in life and business its the same. Accept the no. Heck, let them be your motivation to exceed.
Second why are you chasing conversions?
You know what the real meat of this article is? Simple: they aren’t converting- FIND NEW PEOPLE. What do you think every business in the world does. Coke and Pepsi don’t cry at losses in the profit margin. They create diversified income streams that lead to larger profits and less risk.
So in turn, you- WE must do the same.
When people don’t convert don’t brow beat them. Move On. Either you failed or they don’t want in. Not a problem. The solution is two fold:
You sharpen your game.
You get new leads.
And ill only speak on the second part as you should be doing the first one daily. Instead of ostracizing your leads and or friends and family and warm and cold markets- you get more leads. That’s it.
You recruit every where you go.
You ask people you are afraid to.
You buy the leads if you have to.
It doesn’t matter how but you GET MORE LEADS. You share your knowledge, your passion, and your vision and you will win

So next time you are gum- get more leads. Find New People.


Some people plant in the spring and leave in the summer. If you’re signed up for a season, see it through. You don’t have to stay forever, but at least stay until you see it through. -Jim Rohn

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