Work Less Not More!

13 Nov

So I’m late with this post but I had an action packed day.

Actually I’ve home with a work injury but had two meetings today and my Wife’s birthday.

Now my day was great. Short too, except for that last meeting.
But isn’t that always how it is?
It isn’t the meeting,
Or the client,
or that last contract to get signed.
It’s that feeling that you’re almost done.

Now- this article is two fold.
My second point will come first.
* You have to power through.
No Ifs, ands, or buts about it!
Close that last sale with Gusto!
Make them remember you marched out and they were glad you came!
Don’t shuffle out with your tail between your legs.
Build the dream.
Live THAT Dream!
How you live, how you act, will determine how many sales you close and how many people’s lives you change.

Now to my first point.
Work less.
Now this is not an exhortation to be lazy. It is the exact opposite.

I want,
I Need you to work smarter not harder.
Working more hours won’t make you rich.
Working more hours won’t buy you a Rolex.
Working more hours will limit your ability to grow.
Working more hours will limit your time with family.

What will work is thinking through the problem.
Finding a way that you can have what you want, not just what you need is the key.
I strongly urge you to find a way to balance your time and money.
And after that blaze a rigorous path that will show you the path to freedom.

Need help?
Need advice?
Want to shoot the proverbial breeze?
Let’s chat.

Live Brolic!

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