The Suit Does Not make You a Gentleman

13 Nov

So I was at a meeting talking about how my suit feels weird because I got bigger.
And so I needed longer ties….
You get the point.

So another guy walks up and goes on with this spiel about being a gentleman and how dying one is where it’s at etc.

You see he was thinking I was complaining or bemoaning the suit.
I told him I’m actually digging the suits and trying to re- tie my ties, so the knots would be exquisite.

Now I know what he was trying to say.
However, I’m a gentleman in my jeans and tees.

I’m a gentleman because my manner speaks volumes.
Women feel safe with me.
Kids love me.
People vote for me.
This isn’t boasting.

It’s a testament to the character my parents instilled in me.
My point this morning is simple.

You can be a gentleman in any get up.
And you SHOULD.
The bigger point is that you Need to be a gentleman- at all times.
There is no excuse to exhibit less than that.
I challenge every reader to “man up.”
If you are a Lady- you know what your equivalent is.

My basic point is that we should exude excellence at all times.

Live Brolic!

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