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Core Concepts, Some Old Some New

27 Aug

Core Concepts, Some Old Some New.

So I’m going to be a bit erratic today folks.
I’m going to cover some stuff I’ve spoke on and some stuff that’s eluded my fans and myself as well. I’m also going to go out of order. Better said- I’m going to use these four core concepts in an order that I think precedes success.
-Put in the time
-Follow through.

That’s it folks. Four core concepts that can change your business, change your life.
Let’s dig in!

-Put in the time.
I don’t care who you are or what your deal is. You will get nowhere if your dream, plan, scheme is a hobby. Sorry it’s a fact. You are a failure before you even dig in. Mastery of anything takes 10,000 hours.
Don’t have ten thousand hours to get rich? To be perpetually wealthy?
See you at the finish line after you’re lapped. I don’t care who you are or what your troubles and time constraints are.
Make time for your future. Make time to be free forever so you don’t miss the games with the kids or that super bowl vacation you only dreamed of before. Start small. Use your lunch breaks and bathroom time to sharpen your mind. When you have coffee read to build strategies from authors who have done it before you. Turn off the television. And xbox, ps3, not going to put cash into your roth ira is it?
Everyone has an hour a day for starters. Find yours.

You don’t get anything done well without it. Focus is the key that unlocks your dreams and desires. Chaos creates only more chaos. A focused mind however will guide and create. A focused mind is a tool that when honed to perfection will find cashflow and residual income. However you have to avoid the distractions. Turn off the tv- see a trend there? After that make sure you fill your time with productive tasks. The gym, education, reading. Make lists of what you need to do and the dollar amounts to reach on the road to financial freedom. When you are doing the tasks and steps that are required for your business- do only that. Multitasking detracts for most people. When you’re at work you work right? Well at your own venture you must be that much more focused.

Mentors are great. A good mentor will for many mean the difference between success and failure. A mentor can illuminate the path for you whether you are in the same business or not. A mentor will help you see the mistakes you are making and help you skip a few they made themselves. My mentors are both highly successful and one is even in my current venture. However the one who isn’t is still there when I have questions and needs. His willingness to help and his thirst for knowledge and self growth are not only infectious but influential.
Accountability is a key aspect of a good mentor. They will ask you the questions you hoipe they won’t. They will want answers when you fail. They will require you work harder. And they need not gain from your success to be effective. A mentor may cost you money and they may not charge a dime. be aware thought hat you get what you pay for.
Lastly, the mentor I speak to most frequently asked me one question and pointed out my greatest flaw in my business endeavors. Do you see the power?

-Follow through.
So you got your focused mindset and your putting in 3 hours a day with a fifteen hour minimum. Awesome! You even found a mentor and things are smooth. Their pricing is reasonable and your learning curve has been exciting.
Life isn’t simply trying and applying. You have to repeat the process. Over and over and over. That’s it. No compromise, no hoping it was enough. Make it enough. Every action that breeds success must be repeated over and over. Not only will you become more successful but you will become better at these steps as you complete them repeatedly. NBA, NFL, MLB- all require repetitive motion to rise to the top. Ask Jeter. Ask Ted Williams. Ask Ray Allen. Ask Kobe Bryant. They don’t win and then slack. In the off season they work. And if you have competition for your business- buddy, you better believe your competition is training when you’re sleeping. That is the nature of the beast. Practice your craft. And then make practicing your practice a step. Sounds odd, I know. But you will get me when you see how it builds for you.


“Train your mind to be like a hammer… you will see every problem as a nail”………………………..gn.

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