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16 Aug


So my friends. We all have needs. Dreams. And of course we all need more mula. I don’t care if you are a consistent six figure earner. More money helps anyone and everyone get ahead. Now before you get the money you need a few things. A plan per say. No better yet a SYSTEM that is a plan. And a few other tools to go with these things.
And I have great news for you:
I’m not trying to sell you a thing!
And the total cost of what I suggest you buy is about 3 bucks. Yes THREE DOLLARS. Better than the lottery and I’m not even angling for an affiliate commission folks. I just want a group of winners with me at the finish line. Simply put. If we all win, we can than work together to win bigger. And if we are all wealthy, well that doesn’t hurt either right?

Do YOU have:
A plan
A dream board
A goal sheet
A financial status sheet
A debt elimination plan
An income creation plan
A wealth accumulation structure?

You see I have these things and they are quite handy. Actually as a unit they created the very framework for my business and no they aren’t my product and I didn’t learn them from one person. By having more than one mentor I have learned a few strategies and a healthy number of solutions to my business woes and some great tips for health. That is what good mentors do- they educate and create balance for you.
And so without further ado:

-A plan.
A plan is key. You don’t have to know what you are doing to create the framework. Every house has a blueprint and then a frame that everything else builds off of. Jay-Z in his auto-bio said that the greatest thing he and his two partners did was make a business plan once they had committed. It wasn’t the greatest or most concise, but it gave them the layout and the drive to succeed. Dreams are just that until you make them part of an action plan. So list the steps you see needing to happen for you to dominate.
Then seek out advice.

-A dream board.
A dream board is a simple thing with immense power.
Go get a piece of cardboard about 3×6.
A pair of scissors.
A glue stick.
And some magazines or your laptop.
Next find images of the things you want in life. A pic of a cruise ship for great vacations. The new cadillac CTS, a Rarri. A dream home. All of these should be cut out and posted on your dream board. Lastly put the dream board where you can’t help but see it. All the time. This will help you to focus on your dreams which will fuel your mind to find opportunities and make money.
A goal sheet.
Easy. One piece of paper and a pen. List all your goals in any order you like. they’re your goals after all. These must encompass: Business goals
Life goals
Family goals
Career goals
And any others you want in there. Make it work and make 3 copies.

-A financial status sheet.
You won’t get where you want or need to be if you don’t know your starting point.
Write out your current financial needs- rent, utilities, cell phone, tithes, fun, car lease, insurance. Any of these and all of them if applicable. Any thing you spend money on consistently is on this list. Mortgage, student loans, cigarettes. All of it. Know where your money is going.
Next write what is coming in. You know what goes out so see the income that funds it.
After this see if you have a surplus or a deficit. If you make four grand every month and your expenses are three and a half grand congrats. If not, start eliminating. HBO isn’t a necessity.

-A debt elimination plan.
Almost all of us have debt. How many have a plan to remove it? Now that you did the financials see what money you can free up to pay debts. Start with the small ones and then as they disappear use the money that is added to remove bigger and bigger debts consecutively.

-An income creation plan.
How are you going to thrive?
How will you make more money?
How will that money make you money?
On paper draft your ideas towards making more money and then doubling this money. In our economy this is rare but if you don’t shoot for the moon you’re a fool. Now that you made your plan- see a professional. Get some guidance. Don’t buy anything per say but learn. And definitely save.
You can’t deal with life’s issues without an emergency fund and a life contingency fund. Save anything you can and you are a winner. Save ten percent and you are a king.
-A wealth accumulation structure.
You got the money, you’re crushing the debt. Now how do we get richer. Do you buy land or stocks?
Etfs or silver?
Gold or commodities?
Its up to you. The world is yours. I invest in numismatics regularly. But since I’m not a professional I strongly suggest you see a financial professional. I’m not one. I’m just a guy who makes informed decisions. Do the same my friends.


Work harder on yourself than you do on your job- Jim Rohn.

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
Let’s chat.
Need ideas?
Want to learn how to invite?
Let’s chat.
Want a mentor or maybe the guy who will bounce ideas back and forth with you?
Let’s chat-
Or simply reply to this article.

Fyi- we at Changeinadvance.com are not financial advisers nor do we claim to be. These are opinions. Seek professionals for all your money related issues people.


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