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Quick Tip To Grow Your Social Media Presence

1 Feb

It’s 2013 and by now we all know that a strong social media presence can be a game changer.
Twitter and Pinterest took the world by storm and drew millions of visitors and hits every hour.
And as we all know that equals traffic galore. And more traffic means more conversions, sales, partners et al. Everyone wants results and many people I know are following one path only to get there.

As we all know blogging is my avenue of choice. However I don’t rely on a few words on one blog to do all the work. Initially I started with a Tumblr blog. And it was awesome. The app was easy and I liked that it would post to my twitter and facebook as well. I increased my social media range and saved me time. Every post hit 3 different locations in the social. media realm. I effectively tripled my reach while reducing my efforts. And hey folks, who doesn’t need more time?
Not long after I realized a mentor used WordPress and decided I’d try it. It was my secondary blog so I just duplicated there manually. After about a month two things happened.
1. Tumblr became buggy.
As in it didn’t work right and then was yanked from blackberry so what was left on my smartphone was effectively wasted kb’s.
2. WordPress had so much more to offer.
The app was crisper and more fluid. It also had vastly more options like statistics, easy link adding, Bold, Italics, and I could add and or buy a .com and hide my info- All from my Dashboard.
I’ve preached on knowing your stats before and if you didn’t read it just know that you need to know where you are to get where you need to be. Good statistics and analytics will show you what works and what doesn’t. Let’s say you have a linkedin account that gives you zero traffic, but your twitter gets you 400 views a month. Well folks now you know where your efforts are paying off. You know where to put more emphasis for the greatest reward.

Lastly, WordPress also had the ability to post to Google+, Twitter, facebook, Yahoo, Linkedin, and TUMBLR.
Now I could not only keep my tumblr but have my reach exceed its grasp? Was that clever or did I muck it up? Either way the point is salient. WordPress provided better tools, better advice, and a better app. And they support blackberry as zealously as android or iphone. So I’m not short changed, I’m simply blessed.

As I write this blog post on my blackberry I’d like to say this isn’t a paid endorsement just an example of the provider who suits my needs. I get nothing for this collection of thoughts wrapped in a WP Post. What I did get was a way to expand my social media presence simply and professionally. More time, more money, more happy. I won. So folks find the way that puts you in the winners circle too.


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Quick Tip: Get Widgety

29 Jan

Quick Tip: Get Widgety by Krista on January 29, 2013

WordPress.com widgets are a great way to add new content such as your Twitter stream, or to display del.icio.us links, a tag cloud and/or a calendar to your blog, either in the sidebar, header, or footer of your site.

To see the widgets you have available to you, log in to your WordPress.com dashboard and click on Appearance > Widgets. To add a widget, simply click on it and drag it up and over to the right of the widget screen, into the Default Sidebar, Header Area, or Footer Area section of your site. If you choose to use several widgets in your sidebar, for example, you can click and drag them to order them as you see fit.

Here’s a bunch of my favorite widgets:

•Text: Text widgets allow you to enter some custom text, say for a short “About” statement in your sidebar. Text widgets also accept basic HTML, so you can add headings, paragraph breaks, and links if you wish.
•Image: Just as the name implies, the image widget allows you to add a image to your sidebar.
•Tag Cloud: The tag cloud widget shows your most-used tags in a cloud format. The larger the type size for the tag, the more often it’s used on your site.
•Milestone: The milestone widget puts a countdown box on your site, that tells you how many days are left before the big event — you might use it to countdown to a product launch, to your wedding, your birthday, or a graduation, just to give you a few ideas.
•Goodreads: The Goodreads widget connects to your Goodreads profile and displays the covers of your recently read books.

The five widgets I’ve listed here are just a start — there’s many to choose from, and we’re just getting started. This week, Michael Pick brings us a new piece you’ll love on branding and how you can use image widgets to make your blog’s look unique. Additionally, Cheri Lucas will take us a bit deeper on how to use widgets to add your own personal design flair to your site. In the meantime, take a minute to peek at your widgets and drag a few to your sidebar — it’s never too early to start experimenting.

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