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Real Money, Fiat, Currency…

29 Aug

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I don’t want you to trust me or these nifty images folks.

I want you to go out and learn finance.  Study the history of currency, gold, silver, banking, commerce everything.  There is a wealth of knowledge out there and you can build your financial wisdom up to a point where you can greatly influence how and where every dollar you make goes. Invest, hedge against inflation with numismatics, or maybe silver bullion. heck! Go buy some copper if you feel the need.  Just be aware of what others consider real money, what a fiat currency is, and what could happen to your retirement fund, and savings aka LOOT.

Not interested?  Fine.  But a little due diligence never hurt anyone right?  The talking heads on television don’t care so you should.



Finance (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

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