9 Oct


So I started this journey with you guys last week. Finding Your Fuel will be a small series. Succinct. Concise. Motivating. That’s it. Its a concept that came to me late one night while going through my blackberry and sorting ideas and concepts that I’ve stored or just recently fleshed out.
I’ve assembled a few steps to walk you thought the process below.

-Agenda 1
Meditation will help tremendously.
Meditation clears the mind and the heart. It will help illuminate a clear path. Indeed it will show you what really exists within and what truly resonates with your soul.
Meditate every day at least once building to a 20 minute span. Start with 5 minutes if need be.

*Eliminating distractions.
This is a big one too.
Tv, HD, PS3, LED, PSP vita, ugh! No. No. No.
Limit or remove these distractions. The bar, the friends, all are too distracting. Try books. Try the gym. Try yoga. We can’t be balanced only chasing one goal. So breaking up your day into positive increments is a great idea. Whatever eats at your growth eats at your dreams. Would you trade your soul for abs? Exactly.

*Task lists to remove distractions and clear mental clutter.
Organize your goals, dreams, chores. Everything. I have daily lists, a wish list, a dream board- all that. I also broke down on a list how much money I have to make for my wife to stay home with the kids. And when I broke that number down to an hourly rate its small. And you know what that did for me? Created massive hope. And a reachable goal. Aka a finite target. Not a wish. And also the organization is pretty nifty too folks.

-Agenda 2
*Forgive the self.
A lot of people have hang ups that hold them back. And a lot of us conquer these hang ups but don’t forgive ourselves.
Forgive yourself your mistakes, and faults. It is so easy that it is hard.

*Forgive others.
Holding grudges will poison your soul. It will kill your heart, steal your joy, and ruin your business. None of this is productive. None of this will build your business or clear your heart. Let go of it all. People change. Times change. Grow my friends.

*Move past the past.
Your past isn’t your present. And it sure as heck isn’t indicative of your future.
Let yourself see where you are and where you are going. Nothing Else. The rest is irrelevant. Forget what was done.
YES you should build off past accomplishments.
NO you shouldn’t dwell on it.
Determine exactly where you are at and where you aim to be. If you are stuck in a rut at step 3, and there are only 5 steps- hell you are 60% done! And life is the same exact process. You may have ran before your legs were shattered- and know u have crutches. Focus on the laps you will run.
Nothing matters but where you are going. That being the case get their.

Self enlightenment.
A side note on the above agendas- These steps will produce self enlightenment. This is simply a true awareness of who you are. And this will define your actions. Motives and actions will materialize and make sense. This is something we all need and should aspire to have.

-Agenda 3
*Give. Tithe. Whatever.
I’ve never seen this not work.
It will soothe the soul. It will help others. It will build your business and it will build your heart. Give to your church. Give to the poor. Give it all. Okay not it all but sharing is caring. And it works. You don’t lose when you care. Also the infinite rewards those who give.
To those who much us given, much is required.
It’s time to step up to the plate.


“I don’t want to believe I want to know.”
-Carl Sagan

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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