Ask for Help- it can make You Powerful

13 Feb

A lot of times, pride dictates louder than reason.

And it is pretty easy to let that run its course and than claim to feel manly, or strong.
Hey, you did it on your own terms right?

I’d been trying to set up the website for my new venture for a week.
And for some reason I couldn’t get it done.
Now the infrastructure was down, the domain arranged for and so on.
So today at a meeting I asked the group for help.
And in 60 seconds they had. Me up and running!

Now let’s examine that for a minute.
– I got done what I needed in exactly a minute.
What I spent 5 days, an hour a day doing- my mentor showed me how to do in a minute.
He didn’t do it for me.
He showed me the small step I was missing.

And now that site is open globally via. The Internet, able to make me money 24-7.
Awake or asleep, that website will bring in business and legitimize me and my business.
So I lost 4 hours and 59 minutes by waiting to ask for help.
I could go on with persuasive arguments, and explaining the power of the mental collective when focused on one task-
But I won’t waste your time.

Look at that, and make sure you own every minute.

Live Brolic!

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