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Kevin Abosch sells photograph of potato for $1.5 million

25 Jan

There chips certainly aren’t down for photographer Kevin Abosch.

Source: Kevin Abosch sells photograph of potato for $1.5 million

I haven’t read the whole article, and I don’t plan too.

The fact that photographs of potatoes sold for a million plus blows my mind.  Marketing, and quality product had to have played a role.

Or even more simply- a man who honed his craft, now cashes in.

I could go on and on but I want to see what my readers think.

AM I a fool?

Was the buyer?

Hit the comments folks.


Monday Motivation

18 Jan

A little Monday Motivation.
Call it BHAG, aka

If it isn’t too big for where you’re at now it isn’t a goal.
Exceeding your own expectations should be your new normal.

My immediate goals and year long ones are ones I wasn’t sure I could accomplish. However, putting them on paper and sharing with my inner circle has galvanized my inner compass.

What is motivating you?
Have you written out your goals?
Do you have a specific, step by step plan to get there?
Let me know.
Like/comment if I motivate you.

Live Brolic!

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