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How robots will kill the ‘gig economy’

11 Mar

Robots and drones will replace Uber drivers and Amazon delivery workers within 20 years, according to a Thumbtack study.

Source: How robots will kill the ‘gig economy’

Use your Skills

17 Feb

So I’m at what I consider a trendy spot in Manhattan waiting for a meeting to start.
So I figured I’d kill time and get some grilled Brussels Sprouts- don’t knock em till you try em.

And tonight is a trivia night.

So me being me I struck up a conversation with the gentleman running the event.
I asked if this was his job.
He sad no.
I asked why he did it.

And it wasn’t the money.

He had a real job, making amazing bank.

He did this in his spare time to utilize his acting skills he had honed in years prior.

This “Work” was his release.

I say all of this to encourage you- my readers.

Not everything is about a dollar.

But everything is about utilizing your skills to get where YOU want to BE!

That is it.
No call to action.
No chutzpah, etc

You read my blog, you know what to do.

Live Brolic!

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