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Infographic: Why Snapchat matters

11 Sep

Infographic: Why Snapchat matters is an excellent representation of why you needs you Snapchat for your business ASAP.

Infographic: 21 Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Content

9 Mar

21 Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Content is a great, concise infographic. Put this to use asap and I bet results will be rapid.

New Goal : 20 Minutes (a call to arms/ a challenge for all)

21 Oct

Everyday I challenge you to join me in spending just 20 minutes doing your social media.
That’s it.

A small campaign, let’s say 21 days of one concerted blast of prom, networking, et al on your social media agenda to build your business.

What could you accomplish in this minuscule amount of time?


Add another 20 minutes reading or meditating- or any combination of the 2- if you want to double down for greater gains, happiness, wealth, success and self love.

Need help?
Let’s chat.

Live Brolic!

21 Oct

Rejection builds strength
Ever put up heavy weight, only to have it fall? and then the spotter is repping your set? Lol.
Life and business are the same.
What are you doing?

Better yet how will you respond to failure?
To rejection?

Let’s chat.
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