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Wealth Mindset vs Poor Mindset

17 Mar

Wealth Mindset vs Poor Mindset

Go to Walmart and of course there is a hot wheels at the register. My son has been exceptional through out this weeks challenges- so why not.

Poor mindset says I can’t afford even a dollar.
Wealthy/blessed mindset knows I will always have more if I trust my provider.

Also, thos 57 chevy is sick!!!
Don’t tell him I’m a play with the car when he goes to bed…

Wal-Mart Makes Rare Retreat on Home Turf – WSJ

15 Jan

Even the big boys are feeling this economy change…./recession….


Wal-Mart is closing hundreds of stores across the globe, including 154 in the U.S., a rare retreat for the retail behemoth on its home turf.

Source: Wal-Mart Makes Rare Retreat on Home Turf – WSJ

Link 21 May

What It Really Costs When Walmart Comes to Town- via cnbc.com-

Image 30 Nov

Lego Christianity? Written/ illustrated by an atheist? And walmart yanked it after a few complaints?

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