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Master One Income Stream

21 Nov

Now everyone says you need multiple income streams.
And in most cases they are right.
Warren Buffet says you need multiple income streams.
He is arguably one of the greatest investors of all time, if not the number one.

However, today I have a different strategy for you.

Master One Income Stream.
A lot of newbies want to build a business with 4-6 methods of income.
But, if you could master one sector, let’s say life insurance, and build it up to a 6 or 7 figure business – wouldn’t that be Uber sensible?

Focus can be an amazing tool.
If you simply apply all of your efforts, passion, and focus to mastering one income stream it is quite possible you will have recurring revenue.

Now after that, move on to the next step.
Rinse and repeat.

How can You do this repeatedly you ask?
Let’s chat for details.

Live Brolic!

Your To Do List is TOOOOO Long

11 Nov

Now if you’ve followed my blogs and posts across social media you know I believe in daily To Do lists.
I firmly believe that they provide a simple guideline and a gauge of your follow through so you can have some accountability in your life and business.

I also recommend keeping lists for at least a week so you see the progress and can build off of it.

However, there are 2 problems with most people’s To Do lists-
They are unorganized and too long.

Your list needs to be actionable.
What does this mean?
Simply that you create a list based on building momentum by listing items by ease of action and necessity.
Do the key items first.
Then do the easy stuff.
If for you the opposite builds momentum, than by all means have at it.

Next your list shouldn’t be 60 items long.
Yeah you need to do all of these things- or they wouldn’t be on your list right?
However, this is a sure tactic to making you feel overwhelmed from the onset.

The quick fix here is to make a master list Saturday or Sunday, assuming you’re week starts Monday.
Then every day make a short list that addresses these items in an orderly fashion.

These two tweaks will help build momentum, which In turn will add clarity.

An ancillary benefit is that a rested mind sleeps and works better.
This will occur as you declutter your To Do Lists.

Live Brolic!


19 Nov

The clarity you gain today might not be enough to see you through tomorrow. Live everyday seeking more.

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