You only need to do THREE (3) things to be successful in ANY business.

6 Aug

You only need to do THREE (3) things to be successful in ANY business.

So a lot of people are online making money. And a lot more are trying to and either failing or missing goals and key conversion moments. Well I’ve got a sure fire, simple, three step plan to get you there.
What are the three magic steps?
*Create Content.
*Generate Traffic.
*Increase Conversions.

That’s it. Folks. And you can start free.
Now let’s get unpack this together.

-Create Content.
What? How? Who? Lol, I understand what I’m saying makes sense but is vastly foreign to most of my readers. But this is really easy though. First are you on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Bebo, Four-Square and so forth? No, get on it. Social media is the wave of the future. It is what every major and minor company is relying on to get ahead and save lost sales and in some cases increase sales; ie revenue.
Let me backtrack one step here. Create a name, a concept, or idea that you will use. Or simply use your name: @bobby_ross, I made those up but you can do that and more. Now that you picked the name/concept and started your social media marathon. Create content. How? Well let people know who you are. Sell later introduce now. Post pics if you like. Favorite quotes. These are things that like minded people will appreciate and be drawn too. And that is a vastly simplified way of targeted marketing. The people who like what you like are good prospects. The people who are chasing success are also good. And those who don’t opt-in etc may just teach you a thing or two. My mentor doesn’t follow me on twitter but we dialog regularly via email.
-Do you have an email account? Cool get a new one and if you don’t like this idea make it and then set it to forward to your private one.
-Now that all of that’s settled let’s cover the grand daddy of content in my corner of the universe: blogging.
I love to blog and started small. I loved quotes and posted a bunch. Good quotes will always motivate me and at times light a fire under me that gets me excited and I churn out the content. In fact a great quote many times sparks a simple idea which then unravels into a three to five part concept that becomes what you are reading now. When this happens I’m actually quite excited.
-Next I map out, aka outline my article and find another quote if needed to go with my article. Then I start writing. Something anything. I now use WordPress but I started on tumblr. Tumblr was cool because it posted to my twitter and tumblr as well (@changeinadvance, However WordPress seemed to allow more room for growth and it posts to five entities for me which is better exposure. It also tracks my stats and hits so I didn’t have to add those features.
But I digress, content right- that’s what it’s all about. People want to know who you are. What you do. Why you do it. And HOW you do it. You could have free Ferraris but if you’re a jerk in your pitch you won’t unload them (Fyi- you have to pay taxes on such freebies.) People want leadership. They want to know that anyone can be you. My mentor was broke, in foreclosure and now has tremendous success. He is a top earner in one venture, a high earner in an educational venture, and is even highly sought after as a mentor, guest speaker, and teacher of many key aspects of our business. And he talks to you and writes his blog like he’s speaking to his close friends. Get the idea? We want to create usable, enjoyable, start-up friendly content.
-After the quotes I posted pics and videos from my heroes. Now this works but I suggest making you your own articles. I also at times link to existing news stories and then create content around how this specific economic or political issue may impact business and or the financial freedom of my readers and myself. This is good because it isn’t just your thoughts, but it creates a common venue via the article you are linking back to and sharing with your audience.
-Lastly add a youtube to your repertoire of tricks. Add videos from others for sure. Inspiring ones. However what really sells, and is proven statistically is videos starring you. The public wants to see you. They don’t need Tim Burton or 3D quality- they need to meet you. Heck film it with your iphone or blackberry. Its the candid, REAL you that will bring you fans and teammates. And a huge lot of traffic. Which will be step two tomorrow. So tune in my friends for part two of this series.

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” – Jim Rohn


Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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