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2016 Goals update

1 Mar

So I’m not going to even address the goals as far as successes and failures.

I will admit I didn’t hit a few of them in February.

However, looking at my goal sheet and my affirmations, Damn! Am I fired up!


I see a change in me.
How you say?

I realize now that my goals not only need to be fine tuned but that the goals and affirmations, while positive don’t express my true hearts desire and ability as I have moved forward.

In 60 days so much as changed.
I’ve embraced my fears, and seen a skill set I previously was afraid of emerge in full bloom!
Damn! And I say that not to toot my own horn but to invigorate you my readers and compatriots.

Everything is possible.
Put in the effort.
Commit to it.
As I heard earlier today from a mentor- you can be married but still not committed.

Are you ready to commit to freedom and controlling your destiny?

Then Email me ASAP.

Live Brolic!

Good morning Entrepreneurs

17 Jan

Starting my Sunday waaaaaaaay early.
Already looking at my goal sheet and affirmations for 2016.
Ending and beginning my days and nights with it.
Add in some non-fiction reading, gym time, and some blogging – and I KNOW this year Will vastly eclipse the last 3!
Who’s on this journey with me?
Live Brolic!

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