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Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

15 Mar


If you know this chart what are your thoughts?

If you don’t, what are your thoughts?

In life there is definitely a natural progression. We all have wants and needs.

I’m curious who disputes this hierarchy.

Get At ME.



Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs.

SPEND your way to SUCCESS. (no, seriously)

30 Jun

SPEND your way to SUCCESS.

I know, I know. Suze Orman will lynch me and Robert Kiyosaki will probably argue this though I bet he concurs. Sorry though folks. Tony only had a poor dad. And I’ve seen how spending helps growth and success levels.

-Private school.
In my youth my parents wanted me and my sister in private schools. And no we weren’t snobs or high falootin’ either. What we were (are) was well educated. My sister could read proficiently at age four. And I was a poor reader until after the first grade but after that I gained acceptance to a gifted program. I say this not to brag but to speak on the efforts others put into us. At middle school age we both began private school educations having tested highly and procuring funding through scholarships and what have you. However there was a balance to be paid and my parents met the need and met it well. We were never threatened with removal et al due to lack of funding. You see my parents knew that spending their last pennies to secure a solid education for their children was a way to spend it all and win back richly. Many people will argue the merit of charter schools, advanced programs and what have you- but I know that we benefited vastly from a private school environment and education. From this I learned that what is worth having is worth paying for. Things gotten at too low a price aren’t worth much. Now Barter Kings will disagree and many thrifty buyers as well. Heck I love a good sale! However something require cash.
The other part to this lesson is that I will spend money on training and courses to further my knowledge. I love to buy books that teach me new and exciting materials in my quest for wealth and personal growth. I also have paid for courses and even a simple conversation with a mentor. The right knowledge from the right mouth can be the difference between success and failure. Buy what you need people. We don’t buy cheap shoes right? We don’t buy cheap toilet paper right? How much more important then are the dollars we spend to feed our minds and cleanse our souls? Lead by learning people.

-Buckminster gave it all away.
Buckminster Fuller gave all his money away. Every month he had a zero at the end and never wanted or lacked for the rest of his days. Now this is a philanthropic form but the method is the same none the less. He spent to help and gave to others without ceasing. This strategy kept the Infinite Power on his side and put his karma over the top. You see I’ve noticed a trend- when you give you get. Even in the Bible the only time God tells you to test him is with tithing. No concept besides giving can bear such fruit and release such power.
This form of spending is guaranteed to bless you.

-Spending can be your drive.
I noticed an odd trend after I got married. I started to want more my wife and I. I worked two jobs while taking college classes- my day job with kids and afterwards tutoring through a separate program. I also did extra hours escorting at risk youth from my job to and from school. Over time our debts shrank and we were able to replace an old car with a new one. Every year for five years I met the pay upgrades and procured summer work when I didn’t get it from my job. I found ways to buy everything on sale. By having a hunger for more we literally rose to a higher
standard of living. I will say though that this can be perverted and in keeping up with the jones’ you will go broke. So be smart and know the difference between motivation and greed.

Quick recap:
-Lead by learning.
-Some things, like education (and toilet paper) are worth the money. So don’t cut corners.
-Give until you can’t. And you will always get.
-Wanting more can fuel your abilities.


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