19 Nov

For today’s article I found myself motivated by an excerpt from the net:

In the words of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio

“The way to turn our economy around is not by making rich people poorer; it’s by making poor people richer.”
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Now this I found very intriguing.  In this time of peoples unrepressed loathing of the 1% and the Occupy Wall Street movement there seems to be an every growing desire to rob the rich.  Now I know many people are going to ream me for this but I just can’t get with taking from those who built their fortunes.

The rich pay a vast majority of the taxes. 

The rich give the most to charities and non-profits globally (see buffet and gates).

If we are to simply take what they make, what incentive is there to keep making money and giving it as well?

In my humble opinion it is high time we find a way to incentivize people’s efforts to be rich.  Not everyone will make it, not everyone wants to- but wouldn’t the world be better if we all strived for greater gains?  Imagine if Michael Jordan only wanted single digit stats?  If Ali didn’t want to be the greatest? And what if Steve Jobs didn’t insist on perfection?  I think we would have lost as well.  Add Leonardo da Vinci to that mix to my friends and imagine what profound loss we as a species would have.  And it is in this vain that I exhort you to do as Rubio suggests.

Every economy in the world benefits when there are more wealthy folks or even those with healthy bank balances.  So let’s see how you would get there.

*Mind your Business.  Yup- not what your mom said, what Tony says.  Simply put make your own money.  Don’t be a wage slave forever.  If you don’t agree why not simply start a part time business from home?  Extra money in your spare time or a business that sets you free from having a boss is ideal.  The average millionaire was middle to lower class.  It doesn’t always take vast sums of cash to make more cash.  Bloomberg wasn’t born a billionaire but will die one.  He set lofty goals for himself and let his ambition move him beyond simple things.  Id dare say all his dreams have been actualized.  Doesn’t that sound great?  What separates us from him? Nothing. 


Can’t find the time to build an empire?  Just not sure that’s what you want?  That’s not a problem.  Its fine actually.  Simply save and live below your means.  Start out trying to put aside 5% every month.  After the bite of this begins to fade up shift to 7%.  After that 10%.  Your goal should be to stash 20% of your take home every month from now to eternity.  Even after you reach your targeted amounts and goals- save more.  In retirement as well, save more.  The greater your capital cushion the easier you will weather the financial storms and the less stress you will feel.  When you hit a financial curve you will pause and then continue your forward motion.  Imagine not worrying about money, because you have an excess.

Your economic future is in your hands.  Therefore why would you not craft the most amazing, dynamic, wealthy personal economy you can?


In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.

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