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Productivity Plan (no frills, no sales, just facts)

13 Sep

Productivity Plan
(no frills, no sales, just facts)

Productivity not activity my friends. A lot of people will focus on action as that seems to be the best. However do you swim?
Ever tread water?
Yeah, exactly you’re going nowhere. And sure you’re keeping afloat- but is that what you wanted out of life? I bet not.

Average is not our intended purpose and I always say can’t isn’t in a man’s vocabulary. So let’s cover some quick steps to increase your productivity.

-Don’t be on auto-pilot.
Have you got your game plan? Are you running through the motions. Don’t. We all have needs and goals and a system at work. Learn yours.
More on this here: http://bit.ly/OiUZdp

-Self development plan.
You have to grow. Period. You don’t, your income doesn’t. Your quality of life doesn’t. Your business, yup it won’t either. Momentum can take you places. No question. However if you don’t grow you will not keep it. Life only works when you work. And your number one goal is to grow yourself. Commit to yourself. When you work on you everything else falls into place.
If you’re winging it chances are at a certain point you will make a bad decision. Skip that. GROW YOU.

-Understand value.
Its not about your perception of value but whether or not you actually add to the market place.
A lot of people think they create value when they do what they like, how they like. I like to write, no question about that- but I want to give back here. So I do my homework. I ask questions. I research. And when a concept comes together that will deliver the value, I write. Value comes in many forms. To make sure you give value- see what people think of what you do, your output and performance.
Taken a step further and its also about what you add to your community. The neighbor who doesn’t care isn’t helping. The one who looks out for you in invaluable. You both gain a friend, an ally and peace of mind.
Get the gist?

-Basic marketing concepts are a must.
I’m still learning these concepts. But without a knowledge of key marketing concepts you will stutter start often.
Know how to reach your target group.
Know your marketing needs and strategies.
Dan Kennedys Ultimate Sales Letter is a good start point.

-Outcome isn’t everything.
Don’t worry about how it ends but how you do. When you focus only on closing you will lose recruits and clients. When all you want is home runs. You will miss a base hit waiting on that perfect pitch. The less I care what happens and more about what I’m doing- the better my results. See the correlation?

-Exercise Daily.
Exercise frees the mind. It clears the intellect to create and comprehend as well. Exercise will also stave off sickness which means you have less down time thus creating more time for business. You can exercise at home.
Get an app, take the stairs, and park further away.
Join a gym.
Any option to increase your physical activity.

-Create a routine.
A simple one you can stick too.
A plan that will increase performance.
This will. Increase value and breed success. And the best part is that it doesn’t have to be a marathon. It doesn’t have to be endurance based either. Its not a marathon. Its a habit. Its a tool. An easy routine will ensure success. It will create value. And when you tell people to do this- they will see that you have. And that means- they can do it too! Being able to reproduce what they see is a fast way to increase results.
Make the routine, stick with it, have integrity.


“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”. -Og Mandino

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29 Aug

Even my cat is reading Rich Dad Poor Dad!!!

Even my cat knows we need to get our global financial purses in order.
Now it seems funny. Heck it is.
However the sad truth is not enough people are focused on their financial education. Even fewer people are focused on their financial well being. The average American is simply following what their payroll secretary instructs them to do. No offense to the payroll secretaries of the world but they are not financial advisers. They do not have to be. It isn’t a requirement. And in fact in many ways they don’t have your best interest at heart. They may round your overtime down per instruction. Hey legal or not that puts them against the dollars you earn when you trade sweat equity for a paycheck. below I’m going to give you my ideas on a few investments, assets, financials you need and or don’t. Ahead of time let me say I am NOT, repeat NOT a financial advisor. I’m just a well read, educated guy from the city that learned the hard way. Feel free to challenge me on redirect- also known as the comment section.

Many people are banking on investments they don’t understand and don’t control to see them through to the end. Regardless of. Lifespan. Sadly after the last crash- the game of economics has changed. I’m not being callous either. Your life isn’t a game but when you let strangers play with your money and wish for the best- you are doing worse than a guy who plays monopoly with his dog. Solution: ask questions. Find out what the fees are. What is your guaranteed ROI aka return on investment. If you can’t understand the product they sell you- Walk away. They get paid to educate you and serve you! Investments don’t have to be stocks and bonds. They can be metals, rental properties, reits, and many more. Look around. Educate Yourself.

Assets build for you essentially. A house you own free and clear is an asset. A sack of junk silver, also known as a bag of coins with no numismatic value and a high amount of silver in them, that’s an asset. A Porsche is not an asset. A cool toy and a burden on your wallet is what a Porsche is.
A rental property with positive cash flow every month is an asset. A home you live in with a mortgage is not an asset in my opinion. If you can lose it or you can’t pay it off in one swipe, then it is a burden. Now people with mega bucks may use a mortgage and a jumbo loan to create certain incentives and complicated fiduciary vehicles to benefit them. I’m not that guy and most of is aren’t either. So skip them lol. In essence an asset puts money in your pocket.

Back to the Porsche. Its awesome. I want one. I drive a Honda Accord sedan. You family can and no kids lol. I’m trying to plan ahead. My car is not an asset either. When I leased it however I had a nice tax write off for my home business. See how you can work things? Your home- sorry. Liability like I said before. Mortgage, insurance, maintenance, hoa dues, water bill, electricity- the list goes on. And heaven forbid your boiler or hvac system goes. Got 10 grand sitting around? The play station 3 and surround sound system your kid had to have- pricey liabilities. Oh and the 70 inch Sharp Aquos. Great tv. Li-a-bi-li-ty! Now you need shelter and transportation but evaluate your means and needs. Nothing wrong with having wants too. However find a balance. Don’t be ignorant. Don’t keep up with the jones’. Build your future.

-Physical wealth.
I love physical wealth. Gold, silver, platinum palladium- AMEN! These are my ideas of Assets and Investments. Gold has historically been a way to hedge against inflation and store wealth. Silver as well. Silver coins are highly collectible and can be fun to collect and teach the kids money lessons with. Sealed, signed, graded coins are considered numismatics and can gain value beyond their weight in silver or gold. You can buy junk silver as well. Try this- sort your silver coins for a week. Anything from 1965 or early has a decent chunk of silver in it. A 1960 nickel is 2 bucks. The quarter is 8 bucks. Now of course this all depends on silvers value as adjusted daily, but I assume you see the idea. Questions or want more info on this- reach out to me asap.

-Savings accounts.
Both are good. You should save a portion of every dollar you make until you die. No excuses. No usage. Ask your bank to remove $25 bucks from every check, $10 if you can’t squeeze it out. This way it goes right to savings and you don’t spend by accident. Putting money away for Christmas, or a new car is smart too.

-Emergency fund.
This builds off of the previous. We all need x amount of dollars set aside for life’s hardships. Suze Orman says save six months of living expenses. I concur but that’s a lot of money for all of us. So start with 1000 dollars as your initial goal. You can get there faster than you think.

This is money you can use to build that emergency fund.
checking fees are killing most people. Use direct deposit or get the most basic service you can.
Monthly installment geico vs 6 months upfront. This will save you 60 dollars a year. If you make the payments upfront you skip the fees. Life insurance does the same and so do many other payments. Mortgage and car- send am extra 100 bucks a month to- THE PRINCIPAL. This will reduce interest and fees. It will also add about a payment a year. Lastly this kind of math will take years off your mortgage and months or years off your car loan. Think folks.
Lastly- you don’t need the Cable gold package. You want it. Get the basic. Heck, get Netflix and only the internet. That 80 to 100 dollars you save monthly will give you 960 to 1200 dollars a year!

Are you with me yet folks?
There is money in your wallet/purse. You have to want it though. Do you need change? Tired of the boss? Want to get rid of debt. Well I just gave you some concepts and strategies and info you may not have been privy to before. Use it. Grow.
And remember:
You #thriveorsurvive by your own hand.


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ZEEK REWARDS SHUT DOWN!!! (a quick lesson)

19 Aug

(a quick lesson)

So Zeek Rewards and their mlm model and bid site and sale site are shut down.
A Ponzi scheme the Attorney General said. Interesting. Now there are many people signing petitions to get back in. A fellow network marketer I know had about eight grand in Zeek and was doing a couple hundred a day in income. He even made twelve hundred dollars in one day! However he never took his profits out. He let it “keep bubbling” as he put it. Now he will get his money back most likely and no profits.
Now I’m not here to malign the company or my friend. Or even prey on those Zeek people who still need a good opportunity.
I just want to discuss a few parameters and educate my readers.

So let’s let this ramble and you guys guide me with your replies.

-Lost credibility.
The guy who brings you into this venture, if it was zeek or any other may have lost credibility now. And this will largely depend on how he got you to join and how he mentored you. If he did the quick sale and sold you pipe dreams you probably resent him now. In all fairness people you are to blame. First his sales pitch, speech, spiel etc is wrong. He should have been teaching and guiding you into a point of being a pro at the venture and any others you go to. That’s a leader. That’s the guy you join. He is a mentor. Second if you fell for a quick, no need to recruit business you got had- by your greed. Zeek had a three tier sponsorship/buy-in. So how did u make $$$$ without getting in the ppl at the top? Yup, I looked at zeek. And put no money in. It didn’t look kosher. I won’t plug my venture here. Its not the time. But I will say that when you do network marketing- and you DON’T NETWORK- you will LOSE. Sorry. Its true. Get on the phone. Meet and greet. Make the commitment and you won’t have to worry about their credibility or yours.

-Never promise the sky.
I don’t care if you work for the FAA- never promise more than you can deliver. I had a teacher say always promise less and deliver more. The reason being that if you do less they expected that. If you do more they are pleased. Once you promise the best output you have to deliver. Now I say aim for that. That’s smart. Its feasible. However you need to set achievable goals. And make only promises YOU can keep.

-Who did they want to recruit?
Zeek sounded awesome. Money with no effort or just a few messages and emails and even more money. Now if Zeek recruited anyone who bought the dream they were going to lose anyway. You don’t recruit the last place guy to play in the USA team in the Olympics right?

-Who do u recruit?
*Listeners. The people who don’t ‘know it all.” The people who will listen and ask questions. They grow. They yield results.
*Those willing to fail. Sorry but failure is part of growth. Every toddler falls while learning how to walk. Every runner loses a race. The hungry get up and learn to cook. They catch a meal and cook it. Same in business. The ones who want it will get it. I’ve only grown out of hunger. And failure. Failure has made me a better man than I could explain in 5 blogs.
*Those willing to put the work in.
You don’t get rich doing nothing. You get rich working. You get a house by building it. And the same in a business. Put in the sweat equity. Put in the hours blogging. Let yourself be a slave to your tasks. The guy who practices makes his shots. The guy who gets six rings is Jordan. He trained HARD. Tiger Woods: TRAINS SUPER HARD. You make 0% of the shots you don’t take. So practice taking those shots. 3000 practice shots gets you key tournament shots. Go for the gold. In network marketing- speak to every stranger you SEE!! And remember:
Everyone wants to play, no one wants to lose.


“Some people claim that it is okay to read trashy novels because sometimes you can find something valuable in them. You can also find a crust of bread in a garbage can, if you search long enough, but there is a better way.”—Jim Rohn

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Education or Embellishment- What are you offering clients, customers, and cousins?

13 Aug

Education or Embellishment-
What are you offering clients, customers, and cousins?

Life is short. Making time a valuable commodity. The question is who’s time are you wasting when you don’t educate your followers, fans, friends, colleagues, and new recruits? The answer might surprise you.

A lot of people who are in network marketing or any sales and or
team-orientated business are focused on two things:
And hey those are good goals. Core goals in fact. However its the chase, and the implementation of the chase that will make or break you as a business person.

So the first guy, he’s all about sales. Commission king is on his license plate. He closes’em twenty four seven. He can sell anyone. And his close rate is high! I mean sixty percent (60%). That is high in our industry folks. Most people close three to five percent, yup- 3-5%. Those are good numbers like in baseball where three hits is a win. keep that in mind. So back to super closer. Yes he’s am Animal. Problem is he his retention rate, well it Sucks. Sorry for the latrine lip but he’s a fool. A failure. And here’s why.
*When you can’t keep your Team. You NEVER Had Your team.
See the problem? When your focus is on closing it isn’t on keeping. And a lot of guys close hard by promising the sky knowing statistics say otherwise. Now I’m not suggesting you say,
‘hey buddy-you will fail but sign up anyway.’ No. You say ‘This is a long ride but worth the trip. Wanna be better, wanna make money, wanna change lives?- Well let’s work bro!”. That is real. That is honest. And it is not negative. It is not false, phony or pretentious either. See how good it is. Why lie. Why sell hype. You see America, better yet the globe is poised for a serious reckoning. We have kicked the can down the road for decades. And when you duck bills you lose right? Example- ever pay just the minimum on a credit card? See how long it takes? And how much they juice you? EXACTLY. So why be that. Get them in with honesty. Friendship. Teaching. Partnership. Let them know that you will teach. Let them know the truth. Let them be happy with their choices. And they will come back. They will stay. They will make goals. Isn’t that the dream.

And as for captain recruit- well he’s more of the same. He says anything and anything to get the dotted line signed. He will tell you lies cleverly phrased to seal the deal. His embellishments are delightful to hear but are lies on the ear.
See when you focus on getting your team to grow you have the same problem as captain commission.
Aka they sign, they join, they LEAVE.
This is failure, this is foolhardy. It is not winning. You may get a quick infusion of cash but you are not a leader.
You are not a winner.
You have failed without even seeing it.
As leaders and team builders we have to foster growth. You don’t buy a plant or plant a vegetable garden and not water it right?
Follow up. Finish the game. Anyone see the Olympics? That one runner who tore his achilles and kept running- that’s a leader.
That’s a BOSS.
That is what business means. You move.
You keep momentum.
You keep going and you make sure your team has a shot regardless of personal cost. And you know what? That guy WON the Olympics. He gave when he had nothing to give. That is leadership. Now if can harness even a taste of that you will win for LIFE.
The question is what are you aiming for?
Give more now and reap that sowing later my friends.
(Figure out who’s time is wasted here?)


“A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better.”
-Jim Rohn.

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Image 27 May


7 things to do to get your day and your business running right

30 Apr

1)Wake up early.
-Never underestimate the power of an early start. Also you are not losing time or wasting it.

2) Spend 20 minutes on meditation and self help/self learning.
-A day should not go by where you do not spend a minimum of 20 minutes to an hour working on bettering you, your global knowledge base, or your business acumen and people skills. This is key people. Meditation helps. Before bed and upon waking- I state it in that order because a cleared mind before bed gets you better results the next day

3) Make 5 new connections daily.
-Irregardless of your business or dreams you need people. Word of mouth is probably the strongest biz builder in the world. The internet is a close second, but that’s a different discussion. People will always sing your virtues if you do quality work. But you have to go out and meet these people first.
And lastly:
Always get their contact info.

4) Create new content daily.
I don’t care what your business is or your goal. Everyday give back, create value. Your content is a lifeline. And when you give you get. So, teach and set an example and the path you will blaze will be long and prosperous.

5) Set a budget.
-If you were opening a McDonald’s or a Levitz or a pawnshop you would need initial capital and money to bankroll monthly expenses until you not only turn a profit but, a continuous one. One you can live off of.

6) Put it on paper (and say aloud)
Write out your dreams.
Write out your hopes and plans.
Make it a hand written obligation to yourself. Write out what you want, when you want it by and a very, very specific date on this piece of paper.

7) Repeat the process.
‘Nuff said bub’.- to quote Wolverine.

Make a TO DO List DAILY. And it must be hand written. Before bed or upon waking it must be written and reviewed. and should you pen this missive in the AM, read it and double check it before bed. You will find your mind clearer and your dreams. More peaceful.

Need help?
Questions, comments? Changeinadvance@gmail.com
Or simply reply here.

Also if you need help with your biz-

Looking for a part time opportunity?-

Image 31 Aug

Take what little savings you have left and buy silver!
(Click pic for video)

(Source: rtsp://v2.cache3.c.youtube.com/CjgLENy73wIaLwlQyX2CpQEkBBMYESARFEIJbXYtZ29vZ2xlSARSB3Jlc3VsdHNg36Tx4JfdxK5ODA==/0/0/0/video.3gp)
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