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Entrepreneurs, it’s Easier with a Team

25 Aug

Quick video from my youtube channel.

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Education or Embellishment- What are you offering clients, customers, and cousins?

13 Aug

Education or Embellishment-
What are you offering clients, customers, and cousins?

Life is short. Making time a valuable commodity. The question is who’s time are you wasting when you don’t educate your followers, fans, friends, colleagues, and new recruits? The answer might surprise you.

A lot of people who are in network marketing or any sales and or
team-orientated business are focused on two things:
And hey those are good goals. Core goals in fact. However its the chase, and the implementation of the chase that will make or break you as a business person.

So the first guy, he’s all about sales. Commission king is on his license plate. He closes’em twenty four seven. He can sell anyone. And his close rate is high! I mean sixty percent (60%). That is high in our industry folks. Most people close three to five percent, yup- 3-5%. Those are good numbers like in baseball where three hits is a win. keep that in mind. So back to super closer. Yes he’s am Animal. Problem is he his retention rate, well it Sucks. Sorry for the latrine lip but he’s a fool. A failure. And here’s why.
*When you can’t keep your Team. You NEVER Had Your team.
See the problem? When your focus is on closing it isn’t on keeping. And a lot of guys close hard by promising the sky knowing statistics say otherwise. Now I’m not suggesting you say,
‘hey buddy-you will fail but sign up anyway.’ No. You say ‘This is a long ride but worth the trip. Wanna be better, wanna make money, wanna change lives?- Well let’s work bro!”. That is real. That is honest. And it is not negative. It is not false, phony or pretentious either. See how good it is. Why lie. Why sell hype. You see America, better yet the globe is poised for a serious reckoning. We have kicked the can down the road for decades. And when you duck bills you lose right? Example- ever pay just the minimum on a credit card? See how long it takes? And how much they juice you? EXACTLY. So why be that. Get them in with honesty. Friendship. Teaching. Partnership. Let them know that you will teach. Let them know the truth. Let them be happy with their choices. And they will come back. They will stay. They will make goals. Isn’t that the dream.

And as for captain recruit- well he’s more of the same. He says anything and anything to get the dotted line signed. He will tell you lies cleverly phrased to seal the deal. His embellishments are delightful to hear but are lies on the ear.
See when you focus on getting your team to grow you have the same problem as captain commission.
Aka they sign, they join, they LEAVE.
This is failure, this is foolhardy. It is not winning. You may get a quick infusion of cash but you are not a leader.
You are not a winner.
You have failed without even seeing it.
As leaders and team builders we have to foster growth. You don’t buy a plant or plant a vegetable garden and not water it right?
Follow up. Finish the game. Anyone see the Olympics? That one runner who tore his achilles and kept running- that’s a leader.
That’s a BOSS.
That is what business means. You move.
You keep momentum.
You keep going and you make sure your team has a shot regardless of personal cost. And you know what? That guy WON the Olympics. He gave when he had nothing to give. That is leadership. Now if can harness even a taste of that you will win for LIFE.
The question is what are you aiming for?
Give more now and reap that sowing later my friends.
(Figure out who’s time is wasted here?)


“A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better.”
-Jim Rohn.

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