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Warren Buffett — Big Pimpin’ at Jay-Z’s NYC Nightclub
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81-year-old Warren Buffett — one of the richest men on the planet — got downright gangsta at the grand reopening of Jay Z’s 40/40 nightclub in NYC last night … throwin’ up the Roc-a-Fella sign … like a boss.
Jay and Buffett have been friends for years — and appeared on the cover of Forbes together back in 2010. As for the Roc hand sign — we’re told Buffett noticed people throwing it up in the club, so he asked Jay what it was. Once Jay informed him … the rapper personally instructed him how to make the hand sign … and they threw it up together.

Image 6 Dec

“Last time they seen me hoppin out the coupe, I hopped out in a suit.”

Image 4 Dec

Happy birthday Jay! 42 is the new 22 I guess…

Image 6 Oct

DamnB! Jay-z they wanted vin diesel not you capt camel!

Image 13 Sep

The blueprint turns 10! Damn time flies

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