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Infographic: How to Launch a Small Business in 30 Days

23 Apr

Infographic: How to Launch a Small Business in 30 Days.

I’m supremely confident this will be illuminating fpr many of my readers.

A startup backed by a record-breaking fundraising round wants to become your finance, career, and lifestyle hub

5 Dec

Mike Cagney, the chief executive of online lending startup SoFi, is nothing if not ambitious.

Source: A startup backed by a record-breaking fundraising round wants to become your finance, career, and lifestyle hub

The zero budget (start up)

8 Jul

The zero budget (start up)

How you say?
The million dollar question. And its never easy. Yet it is doable. We can all attain anything we want if our minds accept that nothing is beyond our reach. I’ll layout some steps here and I welcome you to add to them and educate me. We all win in group discussion.

Blogging has taken the world by storm.
It is perhaps the new version of the net. The net proliferated education and skills beyond anyone’s imagination. And some people want you to not get there either. Well too bad for them. Youtube changed an era. And I advice you use it. It ranks 3rd behind only google and facebook on Alexa. So do that people. However today we will discuss blogging. Blogging put customized web and sites in the palm of your hand. You can be anything. Do anything. And it is easy!
Step one- start a blog. It doesn’t have to be the best. Momentum is built by action.
Some concepts now:

*Blog(s) generate results. In most cases though it is passive. Meaning six to nine months for ROI. Yup 6-9 months for a Return On your Investment. So start now! This simple, FREE option can build a world of opportunity for you.
*Blog for cash.
You can literally blog for cash. By providing quality content for others you can garner a paycheck and make yourself look pretty darn good. On average you will do two to three bucks a 500 word article. But if you grind out its there- money for the taking.
This will also build your online reputation aka your rep which means people will know you from a distance. People will see you as quality before your pitch. And there in lies the win. on their dime. Not to say you should abuse the concept- but if you simply make it work everyone wins.

-Barter for more back-linking.
So you are blogging away. And you’re pretty darn successful. So make sure you get the rights to extreme back-linking. Now there is not a big difference in back-linking when you are beginning. Just get it done. Make sure you are getting every possible option for back-linking you can. You back-link for me you force my hand. And the same for every other person you do business with. Money and business require we get everything we are entitled too. So do it folks.

-Get the deadlines done that pay.
Simple. Elegant. To the point. If your venture requires X amount of recruits to lower your cost- why aren’t you doubling that number?
My venture has a Refer Three get Yours Free option. And it is my main goal. Not just to make money but save it. That’s good business. Need in? Make a choice people.
In every option there are points that will dictate your costs and success options. If you don’t commit and make it to level three-
How do you get to level four? Pardon the cheesy video game analogy but I feel my core audience agrees.

-Tax write offs.
Yup. They mean you make money on simply doing the right things. The USA, the IRS both reward small business owners. Why would you NOT accept their grace and good wishes. There are a plethora of tax breaks, deals, and write offs you can use. I’m not an expert so speak to one people. Therein lies the knowledge you need. But I can tell you for a fact that you will save thousands which will make thousands. So that’s a win-win. And at the least you will build a future like I am by writing off dollars for dollars.
(Ask me how)

-Thrive don’t survive.
Always spend less than you make.
This one step enables you to invest in a business.
And this step supersedes indirectly the tax step. It works. When you are smart in this method the dollars you spend are then recouped at tax time.
When you aim to thrive and not survive you are ahead of the curve. We must spend in the right direction. At times college is NOT the answer.
What is the answer is aiming for more. Keeping receipts.
Spending dollars that duplicate.
And if your job pays eight hundred, than you learn to live off of seven hundred.


“Education comes from within; you get it by struggle and effort and thought.”
-Napoleon Hill

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
Let’s chat.
Need ideas?
Want to learn how to invite?
Let’s chat.
Want a mentor or maybe the guy who will bounce ideas back and forth with you?
Let’s chat.


Or simply reply to this article.



Strategies For Business FinancingFor decades, entrepreneurs have followed a traditional stair-step of financing methods to vault their companies through successive stages of growth. Starting with personal savings, they would often then raise seed money from personal contacts, move on to banks, angel investors and/or venture capitalists. Eventually, a successful start up would offer shares to investors and become a publicly traded company.But openings onto that well-trodden path are narrowing. Banks and venture firms are less liberal with funds since the financial crisis of 2008. Initial public offerings of shares are also harder to float.However, new fundraising mechanisms have been springing up. The DIY culture of social media has produced hybrid online platforms with elements of contributing, investing and marketing. Through Kickstarter and Indiegogo, business innovators rely on the kindness of web strangers to back their projects. And Congress has just approved another “crowdfunding’’ model, through the JOBS Act that would permit private online sales of company shares.While supporters celebrate the new opportunities, some experts see dangers of investor fraud, as well as possible pitfalls for unwary start ups.Click ahead to see what the various forms of funding are, and what entrepreneurs have used to build successful companies.By Bernadette Tansey, Special to CNBC.comPosted 2 May 2012Photo: REB Images | Blend Images | Getty Images

2 May

11 Ways to Finance a Start Up

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