Consistency is Everything

24 Nov

He who can be consistent will go the farthest.

Okay enough of my fortune cookie flow.
Seriously though folks, it’s the person who sticks to their gym schedule, eats right every day, sleeps right, who gets the killer physique.

It’s the investor who studies the markets and tracks the mac d indicators and does their due diligence on options and puts etc- who makes a killing.
Regardless of your venture, if you are consistent you will reach the finish line.
Talent is nothing without consistency.
Look at the pitchers in the MLB.
They have to throw consistently, not just fast, but consistent.

What can you do to increase your consistency?

Live Brolic !

7 Cardinal Rules for Life

23 Nov

This is perfect.

Live Brolic!

Study: Lawyers Have Lowest Health, Highest Rates Of Alcohol Use « CBS Atlanta

23 Nov

Lawyers have the lowest health and well-being among all white-collar workers, according to a new study.

Source: Study: Lawyers Have Lowest Health, Highest Rates Of Alcohol Use « CBS Atlanta

3 Things to Do Daily to Build Your Business

22 Nov

1) Meditate

2) write out or verbally acknowledge 3 things you are grateful for upon rising in the am.

3) write out 2-4 goals for that Day ONLY.

Master One Income Stream

21 Nov

Now everyone says you need multiple income streams.
And in most cases they are right.
Warren Buffet says you need multiple income streams.
He is arguably one of the greatest investors of all time, if not the number one.

However, today I have a different strategy for you.

Master One Income Stream.
A lot of newbies want to build a business with 4-6 methods of income.
But, if you could master one sector, let’s say life insurance, and build it up to a 6 or 7 figure business – wouldn’t that be Uber sensible?

Focus can be an amazing tool.
If you simply apply all of your efforts, passion, and focus to mastering one income stream it is quite possible you will have recurring revenue.

Now after that, move on to the next step.
Rinse and repeat.

How can You do this repeatedly you ask?
Let’s chat for details.

Live Brolic!

Do You Make a Living Doing What You Love?

17 Nov

It’s a simple question really.

Is what you do, 40-60 hours a week, making you happy?

It is?
It isn’t?
Why the heck not?

I’d like 3 reasons from every single person who sees this article as to why they are not spending 80% of their building their dream gig.

Let’s chat.

Live Brolic!

Financial Freedom is Slavery

17 Nov

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