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Have you met Jean Alerte?

9 May

Have you met Jean Alerte?

I have and the man is on fire! I interviewed him recently at the Latiq Agarde benefit that I was privileged to attend.  As a key note speaker he electrified the room.  We sat down together to discuss, life, leadership, and frozen yogurt.

-When did you begin your entrepreneurial journey?

JA: it began at the age of 18 and has grown and evolved with me.  I am now 31.

What made you write your impressive tome Do Right Do Good?

JA: The goal was to inspire one kid.  One Single kid/teen. That’s it.  And that was prefaced by a young gentleman I worked with who told me “Jean you need to write a book.”  And after thinking about it a while it all came together.

-How long did it take to write Do Right Do Good?

JA: From concept to completion the writing of the book took about 3 months.  It took about a year to complete as far as publishing, cover creation et al.   From its inception it seemed to literally write itself.  It came to me naturally.

-I noticed you don’t sell your book on Amazon, a trend that is quite enormous among new writers-Why?

JA: I donate $10 dollars of every sale to charity.  To sell units through Amazon would cheat those who benefit from these funds.  Every copy is also personally signed by me and shipped by me with a care package.  The personal touch is not only cool but for the young readers it impacts them greatly.  It makes an indelible mark that resonates for them for years to come.

-Do you see more writing in your future?

JA: of course.

-Will you be opening a non-profit such as Latiq to impact even more young lives?

JA: I can see that occurring in the future.

-Recently your newest venture, Brooklyn Swirl, a frozen yogurt stand was featured on Love & Hip Hop, how did that come about?

JA: It was a known favorite of some of the cast and they approached us for filming purposes.  The exposure was great.

-Hiring practice:

JA: I only hire people who live in the same area of Brooklyn where Brooklyn Swirl is located.  It keeps the dollars in the community and builds the economic zone and gives self esteem to the youth I hire.

I could literally write two more pages about Jean.  The son of Haitian immigrants, Jean completed his college education and went on to the finance industry.  He set goals and reached them.  He is literally the definition of follow through.  As an educator I was preach to the young adults I work with that discipline and follow through accomplish more than talent.  Michael Jordan practiced with fervor.  And more to the point he wasn’t the legend from the get go.  He wasn’t above average either.  He worked at it.  Talent helps, but discipline is the key and Jean Alerte may be the living embodiment of it.

Buy the book, donate to the scholarship, eat the yogurt.  If you’re going to support someone he is the obvious choice.


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