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Monday Minute: Money is a necessity by Mook Millions 

19 Sep

Money is a necessary component in our everyday living. People love money and the idea of spending it. Too many people are looking for handouts opposed to generating income on their own. Everyone is a boss, yet most would rather work for someone else opposed to investing in themselves. Get your mind right.” 

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Monday Minute: Don’t be afraid to Succeed 

12 Sep

A lot of people focus on how most young entrepreneurs or new entrepreneurs are afraid to fail. Well we’re going to turn that upside down by discussing how most people are afraid to succeed.

You see it is my belief that in this day and age most people don’t want to succeed. They have conditioned themselves to accept mediocrity as greatness. And this mediocrity has become the new accepted Norm.

Now the willingness to succeed, the hunger, has been removed from the average person.

Simply put the average person is scared to succeed because one success only begets further successes and this in turn creates a new dynamic that they are not ready for. When you are used to settling for less winning is stressful. However, when you take the reins and force life to bend to your will- success becomes the same as breathing.

Why are we afraid to succeed?

Simple. We don’t expect it these days. 

However, I challenge you my readers to find at least one way every week that you will succeed beyond your own expectations. If you cannot find a way I will create a list for you personally.

Finally succeeding is perhaps the greatest thing you can do in your life; besides having children. That is a different form of success.

I personally call it the greatest form of success. 

If you begin to feel doubt look at Olympic athletes who have more than one gold medal. In theory they have nowhere to go but down. Yet they train for 4 year arcs in the hopes of repeating a trillion to one chance of Glory.

Now was that a scary thought or an exciting one?

When you know the answer hit the reply button.

Live Brolic!

Success tip: Skip negative people

26 Aug

This advice via @execmindset is so simple I’ll bet most skip right by it. 
If the people around you don’t fill you with confidence and they don’t speak prosperity into your life – dump them like old trash.
It may sound mean, but aren’t you worth only the best? 
Negative people are toxic. Period. 
They say you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so kick the negative nellys to the wayside and watch your mindset improve and your success grow exponentially. 

Mark Cuban’s 3 fundamental rules to run a business

7 Jul


Via ANR.

It’s not how much schooling you get….

5 Jul

Andrew Carnegie had an 8th grade education…. He was the richest man of his time

Trainee robot office manager Betty starts two month trial as artificial intelligence enters workplace – Mirror Online

16 Jun



And you thought robots would only replace the plebes…

Your job,  is no longer yours. 

No, in fact your job won’t be Betty the robots for long either once ai is meshed with internal circuitry running through the office/factory/lodge/restaurant. 

Times are changing fast.
Isn’t it time you stopped leaving your economic destiny in the hands of others?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know where not just the next check is coming from bit the next 30?
The next 60?!

Read the writing on the wall and get back to me.

Live Brolic!

How to Kill Android Apps Running in the Background | Digital Trends

16 Jun

Photo by Jeffrey Van Camp/Digital trends


#1 Tip to Get Wealthy Fast

16 Jun


So you want to get wealthy.

You wanna make the big bucks?! (Scarface movie voice)

Well I have a quick tip to get you there.
And it will cost you nothing.

Help one person every single day.

That’s it.
If every day you do something kind for at least one person you will find that your luck will change.
Karma you say?
Partly yes. But what really happens is you create a new mentality for yourself and
in giving you will receive.

Try it for 30 days and tell me what your results are.

PayPal cofounder urges students to veer away from a routine career path

11 Jun


How robots will kill the ‘gig economy’

11 Mar

Robots and drones will replace Uber drivers and Amazon delivery workers within 20 years, according to a Thumbtack study.

Source: How robots will kill the ‘gig economy’

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