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How to Deal With Burnout – Fortune

27 Feb

Source: How to Deal With Burnout – Fortune

No Article tonight, just Read Mark Cuban’s article

9 Feb

Not pushing his agenda in any way shape or form.
I simply want people to hear what a self made BILLIONAIRE thinks.

Read how he writes.
See how he writes. That’s it folks.
Link below.

Some Thoughts on the Presidential Race and SocioCapitalism – Updated

Live Brolic!

Weekend Reading

7 Feb

I won’t be watching the Super Bowl.
But I will be reading all weekend and hitting the gym to increase my value and get ahead.
Sorry folks, no insults to anyone- I just don’t watch sports.

If you do, enjoy.
Just remember to make sure the TV isn’t holding your dream hostage.

Live Brolic!

2016 Goals update

2 Feb

*For my goal of losing 30lbs this year- I’m down 14lbs and counting.
The goal will be to drop 30lbs and end the year down 30lbs.
As in almost 50% there in a month I see it as highly feasible.

*For my savings goal, which I doubled – I’ve met it so far (sorry no #s as money is a private matter). I am supremely confident this goal will sail through.

*For my 2 books a month goal- well I read 3.6 books. Good right?
I read 2 fiction books and 1.6 education/management/finance/personal development books.
While the number is almost double I realized 2 days shy of February that I must read books that Grow ME, not entertain me.

*For my recruiting goal, I missed the mark.
But I am happy as I reached out to numerous people and got solid commitments.
With this goal I simply have to break free of my fear and use my God given talents.

*As for my mystery goal, I smashed it out of the park! Details to come in December.

Remember folks, set goals, have to do lists, and be accountable for them.

Live Brolic!

Entrepreneur Freedom Tip: opt out of sales emails

25 Jan

Hey folks, here’s a quick tip:

Opt out of as much junk mail/email marketing as you can.

The average person gets 80 plus emails a day and it’s a sure bet that a lot of that can be skipped over.

So my call to action of the week is for everyone to wake up, read something up lifting, and after that unsubscribe and or opt out of at least. 10 email threads this week.
Toms, zulilly, facebook updates, finishline, eastbay, tmz, or even that quazi-valuable entrepreneur who’s posts are mildly useful.

Bottom line if it does not add tangible value to your. Daily existence and or business – UNSUBSCRIBE!

Live Brolic!

Infographic: Successful people Vs Unsuccessful people

22 Jan

Saw this and thought it was interesting.
Share your take in the comments.

Live Brolic!

Monday Motivation

18 Jan

A little Monday Motivation.
Call it BHAG, aka

If it isn’t too big for where you’re at now it isn’t a goal.
Exceeding your own expectations should be your new normal.

My immediate goals and year long ones are ones I wasn’t sure I could accomplish. However, putting them on paper and sharing with my inner circle has galvanized my inner compass.

What is motivating you?
Have you written out your goals?
Do you have a specific, step by step plan to get there?
Let me know.
Like/comment if I motivate you.

Live Brolic!

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